Using technology to solve community problems

We are the change that we desire and with technology this can be efficiently achieved. I believe if you empower a girl,let technology at her disposure she will do exceedingly amazing stuffs thus bringing solution to the problems we face in our community.#never under estimate the power of a girl in technology

#girls for Change

Do what you love with passion

Innovation comes as a result of solving community problems around you and this go in hand with passion.Doing what you love gives you satisfaction and happiness.I find satisfaction in technology and especially in empowering young girls and ladies.Technology has solution to all the SDG goals and realization of vision 2030.For us as Africans to realize the visions of our countries we need to accept technology to be part of us, embrace and love it.#empowerothers😊😊

Do what makes you satisfied and Expect nothing in return.

Have you ever got the feeling of doing what you like and expect nothing in return?the moment you do what makes you happy you will just get satisfied and happy.You will have an inner joy that you can’t explain where it’s from.Technology makes me happy and learning new innovation brings me joy but empowering some one and impacting knowledge on them makes me satisfied.i feel satisfied when I can ladies not being left behind in Technology, children getting answers to their questions in Technology and youths both male and female make good use of Technology but not being lost in it.using Technology to create employment for them and not unemployment,using Technology to be productive and not useless.Thats what satisfies me when we can grow together empower one another and grow us a team to have better country with developing Technology